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When you need an attorney, you often need one without delay to assure that your case is handled with experience and attention to detail. Our law offices are here to make sure you have access to reputable and exceptional lawyers that put your needs first. We have decades of experience in family law and we understand the importance of legal obligations such as explaining the process for CPS and name changes, guiding clients through each step, preparing and filing paperwork, and defending your rights.

A Midland CPS Lawyer That Listens

If allegations are brought against you by Child Protective Services it is important that you have a lawyer that listens and understands your legal needs. When working on your case we break down the allegations made against you, the process to investigate them, and what to expect throughout the duration of the case. Our attorneys our experts in Juvenile Dependency cases and will use their experience to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We have extensive experience in Midland family law and we are with you from the first phone call until the legal matter is resolved. You can reach out to our expert Juvenile Dependency Attorney in Midland to find out more about your options and to help you gain a better understanding about your rights.

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