Third-Degree Felonies

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There may come a time in your life that you are accused of committing a Third-Degree felony, and it can be difficult for you and your family. To help you get the best outcome possible and to move forward from this legal matter, it’s vital that you hire a Third-Degree felony attorney. Our legal professionals take your case seriously and are dedicated to working on your behalf to resolve this matter promptly and with attention to detail. Our Third-Degree felony lawyer in Midland communicates with clarity, answers any questions you have, and addresses any concerns. Reach out as soon as possible to ensure you are proactively going through the legal process.

What Is a Third-Degree Felony?

A Third-Degree felony is punished in Texas for a term no less than 2 years and no longer than 10. A few examples of a Third-Degree felony are stalking, third offense DWI, possession of a firearm by a felon, bail jumping of a felony arrest, tampering with evidence, and a few other matters. When you meet with our Midland Third-Degree felony lawyer, you gain a better understanding of what the legal matter entails and what your next steps will be.

How Can You Get the Best Outcome for Your Case?

The most effective way to get the best outcome for your case is to involve a felony lawyer right away. This is not the time to defend yourself and hope for a good resolution. Our Third-Degree felony attorney Mr Scott uses his expertise and in-depth understanding of the court procedures, to prepare your case for the next steps. We work diligently from the first phone call until the legal issue is resolved, and we communicate clearly when you have questions or concerns.

Get a Third-Degree Felony Attorney Involved Today

When our Midland felony attorney gets involved in your case, you and your loved ones will be less stressed because you’ll have an understanding of what to expect and what the next stage of the process is. We are proactive in each step that we take and welcome you to call with questions or to schedule an appointment with our legal professionals to learn more about your options.

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