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5 Star Lawyer

June 13, 2017
We hired Roy Scott for a criminal case. He is serious about pursuing justice. Roy and his staff was courteous and professional. I view him as a man of faith, honor and integrity.

Thank you thank you

August 10, 2015
I used Mr. Scott this year to modify my custody papers. I was very pleased. I wasn’t expecting a fight from my ex, but I got one anyway. With Mr. Scott’s help, I successfully changed his visitation and his child support and kept him from taking our children out of town which is exactly what I wanted to do. Mr. Scott was very professional, answered all of my questions and was great in court. In fact, my ex said he wished he had hired my attorney. Thank you Mr. Scott and all the people in the office. I hope I never need to hire you again, but I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Custody of my Child

February 4, 2015
I retained Mr. Scott to obtain custody of my daughter. I was told exactly what I needed to do and pretty much how to do it. Explained to me in detail what documents and evidence he would need for my case. Met with Mr. Scott on several occasions in person and discussed things over the phone as well. Temporary hearing came up, again I was told what I needed to do, sat in court room and heard the Judge say that temporary custody was awarded to me. Music to my ears! Several months later, final hearing was around the corner,. he negotiated an offer to the opposing counsel with my consent of course and it was accepted. The final hearing consisted of just entering the agreement into the court, Judge signed off and I now have custody of my daughter. I couldn’t have done it without the advice and knowledge of Mr. Scott.

Great family law lawyer

February 2, 2015
I wanted custody of my children but had no idea how to proceed. He helped me, gathered information, gave me advise, was powerful and direct in court, and I now have custody of my three children. I am thankful I choose Mr. Scott to be my attorney in something so important to me.

Best Criminal Lawyer Ever!

November 13, 2014
I was charged with a serious felony charge regarding my wife’s children. No lawyer would believe me, they all wanted me to take a plea and go to prison. They wouldn’t even listen to my story. Mr. Scott listened and said this is what we can do. He was great. He did everything right. He took my case to a jury trial but right before that actually happened, he called me and told me the charges were dropped. I am so grateful to this man. I would recommend him to anyone with a serious criminal charge. I was innocent and didn’t want to take a plea. Mr. Scott said then you shouldn’t. That was so good to hear.

I was pleased with this attorney

September 14, 2010
Handled my divorce very well. I was pleased.

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