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Mr. Scott was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and has served his country in the United States Army. Following his time in the Army, Mr.Scott received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas Tech University and soon after returned to obtain his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1984. Mr.Scott has an extensive background of work beginning his career as a prosecutor for the City of Midland. Following this, Mr. Scott opened a private practice in Crane, Texas and subsequently served as the County Attorney in Upton County for 13 years while also maintaining a family law practice. After his time in public service, Mr.Scott opened his private practice, the Law Office of Roy L. Scott, in Midland, Texas and began handling criminal defense and family law cases, bringing his own unique brand of expertise and communication to each of his clients.

Mr. Scott has been involved in multiple complex family and criminal law cases where he has filed appeals and has had great success in both areas. Mr.Scott has been involved in a case where he represented a grandfather accused of negligence with his grandchildren. A jury convicted the grandfather, however that conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeals as a result of an appeal filed by Mr.Scott on behalf of the client. Another time, Mr. Scott filed a Bill of Review on behalf of a client who was incarcerated and ordered to pay child support, which he was unable to pay due to his incarceration. The client was unaware of the order until the arrearage had accumulated to many thousands of dollars. The client’s family hired Mr. Scott, who investigated the case, discovered an issue with service, filed a Bill of Review and successfully overturned the order for child support, removing all child support obligation.

Mr. Scott was motivated to go to law school and become and attorney to help people through difficult situations and offer advice, a mantra he has continued to live by in his dealing with the thousands of people whose lives he has touchet through the practice of law.

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